Brown & Sharpe Profilometers - Makes and Models

These surface analyzers are of excellent quality in our opinion. With little maintenance these profilometers are built for a long life. History shows they are repairable for almost all issues as OEM components are, for the most part, available. These are quality instruments. No matter the model, repair is always worthwhile.



Problems with these units are quite uncommon and most are due to misuse or, even worse, a drop or heavy impact with another item. Wear components of these gages can also result in a unit that requires repair.

While some of these problems may be relatively minor, others will require professional service. There are a few repair shops that can complete this sort of work. As this is a piece of precision equipment is should be repaired by people specializing in the field. In North America, probably one of the best repair shops is Precision Tool Works. Since they have many components in stock, using Precision Tool Works can often save precious turnaround time versus shipping the surface tester overseas for repairs not to mention the additional cost of shipping required.



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