Common Profilometer  & Surface Analyzer Problems & Errors
Profilometers are complex machines capable of making extremely accurate measurements if working correctly and used properly. It is no wonder when considering the environment, they are used in which, and with multiple operators, that eventually these gages fail and need repair.

We repair broken profilometers or profilometers that no longer work. We have fixed and fix more profilometer gauges from not repeating by Mitutoyo, Mahr and Brown and Sharpe.

Listed are some of the most common issues seen with profilometers.

Worn buttons
Dropped, lcd, driver not moving
Repair, rebuild, sticking, not repeating, will not calibrate
Battery icon, Battery Low Indicator, Battery indicator
888 -
Bat err
Det Err
Will not move, does nothing, no response
Not reading correctly
No display
Faulty detector
Faulty encoder
Batteries won’t charge
Replacement part shortage
Incorrect readings
Faded display
Probe won’t move up
Probe won’t move down
Won’t repeat
No repeatability
Buttons won’t work

While some of these problems may be relatively minor, others will require professional service. There are very few repair shops that can competently complete this sort of work. As this is a piece of precision equipment is should be repaired by people specializing in the field. These gages require a number of specialized tools to disassemble and repair as well as an anti static environment. In North America, one of the best repair shops is Precision Tool Works



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